Biodose ConnectTM

Enhancing medication adherance in patients

Biodose ConnectTM is a technology-rich, medication management device that supports medication adherence and provides real-time intervention for patients in their own homes. Used to prevent unintentional non-adherence, this versatile homecare solution helps to optimise health and independence in patients.

Key features and benefits 


Stores both liquid and solid medication

Biodose ConnectTM contains a removable Biodose® tray - the only monitored dosage system capable of holding both solid and liquid medication.

Secure and efficient medication administration

Sealed and dispensed by our pharmacy at Biodose Services, trays can be filled with 7 days of medication and come with individually labelled, removable pods that help patients to take their medications as prescribed. Original packs can also be used with Biodose ConnectTM where there are stability issues.

Programmable preferences with customisable reminders

A flashing light indicates the dose to be taken along with customisable alarms and voice messages. Further reminders can be programmed as emails and text messages and sent to the patient or their nominated carer.

Real-time monitoring service

If medication is not removed from the tray after a configured time, chosen contacts such as a healthcare professional may receive a further customised message. Alternatively, Biodose Services can act as a monitoring service as part of a homecare service. Interventions will be provided according to clinical need and the service level agreement and may include calling the patient or the clinician.

Compliance data at your finger tips

Available in user-friendly formats, compliance data is presented in an on-line dashboard as well as reports to enable clinicians to monitor and track patients’ adherence to medication. Data highlights when doses are not removed, incorrectly removed, taken late or too early.

Enabling independence in patients

While the device stays with the patient, empty trays can be re-ordered through Biodose Services.

Make Biodose ConnectTM your homecare solution

As specialists in pharmacy homecare, Biodose Services is a trusted provider to the NHS, pharmaceutical companies and private providers across the UK.

We provide a full range of homecare services:

• Dispensing and temperature-controlled delivery to patients’ homes

• Full prescription management

• Contract management

• Nursing support through our partner, Ashfield Healthcare

• Pharmacy customer care

• Patient support and education services

• Extensive reporting capability

To find out more about the Biodose ConnectTM Homecare Service contact:

Biodose® and Biodose ConnectTM are trademarks of Protomed Limited, which is a Quantum Pharma Group company.